Danni Cole research that has been done to assist the process of vocabulary selection is perhaps not what would usually be called linguistics. It does not add to our understanding of the lexical structure of the language under examination. Instead, by investigating their use of vocabulary, we learn about the native speaker's need for their teen sex site. The relative frequency of occurrence of vocabulary items is determined by the kind of thing we most frequently wish to say. Our range of Danni Cole expression is in no way constrained by the frequency with which the items happen to occur in the language. If the dannicole speech of an individual had a distribution of lexical items very different from the 'normal' distribution, this would mean no more than that he did not commonly express himself on the topics that most people talk about dannicole. This is precisely why the research, with its predominant interest in frequency, has been carried out. The results have little interest except in their potential application to foreign language teaching. The most frequent vocabulary is presumably that which individuals feel most need for. Once one accepts that some restriction on vocabulary content is desirable, information is needed on which items will have the greatest utility for the learner. Before I discuss Danni Cole frequency and the other criteria which are needed, however, there are one or two historical points that I should like to make.
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